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Monday, March 12, 2007
I Hate Daylight Screwup Time...
...Need I go on? Really?

I didn't sleep well last night between DH and I tossing and turning. Add on top of that the time change. I hate the time change. Either direction and I get screwed up - I'm either sleepy driving to work for a week, or I can't sleep when I should for a week.

And then drop the fact that for some unexplained reason, I'm hungry at 6am. Really hungry. And that's annoying too.

And then add to the fact that I wasn't able to work on a metrics file that got screwed up on Friday afternoon after I'd restructured it and added 2 days worth of data. Now I've got to do it all over again (another 2 hours worth of work) and add 3 days worth of data.

Today is truly Monday. But it's mostly such because of Daylight Screwup Time. What the heck is the point? The reason we once did it (the farmers) isn't really a priority anymore. They're still going to get up with the light and go to sleep with the dark. And a lot of farms are corporations now, so the time isn't really a concern. You're going to have the same amount of daylight hours no matter what the clock says because of the rotation of the earth.

Changing the clock makes absolutely no sense. And I'm going to stop now before I start making no sense because I'm terribly sleepy still.

Have a good day...