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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
More StupidCrazy people...
...because there are always more... Yes, I know I said it made my brain hurt, but there's so much to comment on these days...

You know, I thought Gavin Newsome (Mayor of San Francisco) was a pretty good guy. Then I found out he had an affair with the wife of a top aide. And the shine wasn't as shiny any more. Hey, he's a politician, right? How good can they be?

Since he's up for re-election people are making a big deal of this - can he recover, will he be re-elected? Sure he will. Heck, Willie Brown (a former Mayor, also known as the original "Slick Willie") had a kid while he was in office with a woman who was not his wife. If Brown can recover from that, then Newsome can recover from this.

But now Newsome has come out as an alcoholic. I think I'm going to err on the side of He's Not Going To Be Re-Elected. I know he wants to be honest to his constituents, but there is a line you have to draw sometime.

Tim Hardaway, basketball player.

Tim Hardaway goes on radio show and announces to the world that he hates gay people.

He is no longer Tim Hardaway, basketball player, but instead Tim Hardaway, homophobe and discriminator.

Kids look up to this guy (well, maybe not kids who've watched him play for the Golden State Warriors and singlehandedly lose the game because he's not good in the last few seconds of a game with an important shot to make). I don't think very many kids are going to be looking up to him now...

A computer programmer in Britain has decided that he's tired of his name. His name is Tim Annan. He's 35. Just like me.

He decided to change his name, and instead of doing something enterprising like hiring it out to some company or something in exchange for a large fee, he found a name that he liked and changed it to that. Doesn't sound that crazy stupid does it?

Well, you'll rethink that when you find out that he's such the big fan of '24' that he changed his name to Jack Bauer. No, he doesn't bear any resemblance to Kiefer Sutherland, and yes he is single. I suspect he'll stay that way for awhile unless he finds some crazy woman that changes her name to either Chloe O'Brien or Audrey Raines.

Cultural differences aside...

A businessman in China has put out an advertisement for a stand-in mistress. You see, he has a mistress and his wife found out about it and wants to beat the mistress up. Personally I'd beat the husband up before beating the mistress, but that's just me (and it's a cultural thing).

So, he doesn't want the mistress to get beaten up, so he's put in an advertisement for a woman to stand in as the mistress to take the wife's abuse. Apparently it pays the equivalent of approximately $400 per 10 minutes. People have applied for the job.

I don't know who's more crazy - the guy placing the ad for the stand-in or the people applying for the job in the first place.

So, if the 5pm commute isn't fun enough, add rain.
If that isn't enough, lower the temps to the high 30s and low 40s.
Then add snow and hail in various areas.

Watch Crazy Californians forget how to drive in inclement weather conditions.

Then add a guy in a gorilla suit standing at the median barrier on a really busy freeway waving at people.

Yes, this really happened last night in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ok... that's enough. And I promise no more StupidCrazy or CrazyStupid people tomorrow. Well, at least not like I've posted in the last couple of days.