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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
People Are CrazyStupid.
...yes, some people do stupid crazy things. A few of them have crossed my computer screen lately, and they're just too good to pass up as short blog bites.

A gambler who loses a bunch of money at an Atlantic city casino, having a bad day, lots of stress in his life, goes to the gambling commission and puts himself on the Banned For Life list from the casinos.

An hour later he's trying to get his name removed from the list and is pursuing legal action because he cited the stress and the bad day, and he claims he didn't realize that casinos out of state would use the list as well.

I'm not sure which is more stupid - that he impulsively put himself on the list when he's not a compulsive gambler, or that he's trying to get back on the list so that he could probably become a compulsive gambler.

Oh well, I guess there won't be any family vacations to Las Vegas for awhile for that guy.

A radio station held a contest to win a Nintendo Wii. The contest involved drinking large amounts of water and not using the bathroom. "Hold your wee for a Wii", basically.

The reason I know about this is because a woman *DIED* as a result of water intoxication. I didn't know there was such a thing, but apparently the DJs running the contest did. So they get these people to drink a slew of water, not use the restroom, and someone dies. Someone apparently called in about it, they acknowledged that they about water intoxication, and that people had signed their releases.

How sad is that? Someone dies over a $250 item, and she was doing it for her kids. The DJs were stupid, the contestants were stupid. The radio station was stupid for allowing this stunt.

I think the woman might be in line for a Darwin Award...

Celebrity stupidity:
Britney shaved her head and got a tattoo... ye gods, have you seen the pictures? Ugh. At least she's in rehab, because maybe the press will leave her alone and she won't do something stupid to lose those kids.
Lindsay is in rehab... so, that's what a year in AA has taught you? To pass out in a hallway, drunk off your ass, and then go into rehab? No one's seen hide nor hair of her since entering rehab, so maybe it *will* work for Britney...
I already talked about Isaiah Washington's "lapse of memory" when it comes to the slurs he's uttered a while back. Stupid man, he's got a great gig and no one will hire him if he lets this fall apart. At least he's in rehab too...

There are some parents who are suing News Corp and MySpace for negligence, among other things, because their children were assaulted or abused. Before anyone takes this wrong - I am very sorry to hear that the children were abused, but let's follow the train here:

Kid starts MySpace account (with or without parental knowledge).
Kid messages other MySpacers and makes friends.
Kid agrees to meet someone from the MySpace network.
Kid ends up getting assaulted, raped, abused...

This is MySpace's fault... how? You let your kids use the service, folks, and you didn't teach them how to be safe online. But they're suing MySpace, instead of taking a good long look in the mirror at themselves and what they failed to teach their children.

I don't mean to sound so harsh... wait, no, maybe I do. This is just like someone suing the automobile company for the death of their 16 year old who was driving without a license because the parents either didn't hide the car keys well enough or didn't teach the child to drive.

Stupidity is not restricted to the human race. An eagle died an unusual death in Alaska recently when it plowed into power lines because it was bogged down from carrying a deer head.

A spokesperson for the Alaska power company was quoted to say that the eagle "got a hold of a little bit more than he could handle" which I think is the understatement of the year.

Ok, maybe that wasn't stupidity but an overdeveloped sense of ambition. Are there Darwin Awards for animals? Maybe there should be...

I don't think that I can mention anything else because it's making my brain hurt.