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Monday, March 05, 2007
The Weekend in Review...
...Well, it's more like the highlights of what is normally a rather boring weekend, because most of my weekends are boring by a lot of people's standards.

But this weekend there was stuff going on.

This weekend we got rid of a kid for a sleepover. DD#1, if you must know, and the house was so very quiet and peaceful while she was gone.

This weekend we got rid of another kid for a birthday party and DH and I could run errands. DH went and retrieved the uniforms for the baseball team only to have to go back and try and return them because the wrong sponsor name was printed on the back of them. Not only that, they were the sizes for a different team in a different age group in the league (they were for a much smaller set of individuals).

This weekend I went shopping at Trader Joe's to pick up a couple of things and had my Discover Card declined. Twice. Considering that I always pay that card off every month, I thought this unusual. You see, I zero balance *all* of my credit cards every month because that's the kind of person that I am - I won't buy it on credit if I couldn't afford to pay cash for it in the first place. Thankfully I always carry spares because not everyone accepts Discover, and I paid for my $22 in groceries.

Then I called Discover and found out that my account was closed. Then I found out why my account was closed. It wasn't anything *I* did. It was something on their end. A "System Error". DH thinks that's supposed to mean that someone typed in the wrong number when they were closing accounts, and I'm inclined to agree. Nevertheless, it stressed me out and I took my Trader Joe's booty home and started eating the chocolate covered blister peanuts right away. I ate a third of them before I came to my senses and stopped. Then I just wanted french fries.

I really need to stop using food as comfort because one of these days it's going to get me into trouble. Specifically it will get me into trouble when I no longer attend the gym and need lots of comfort. And then I'll gain weight and DH will have to shoot me because I always told him to shoot me if I turned into my mother.

This weekend was our 12th wedding anniversary. For those keeping track, apparently 12 is the pearl anniversary. And so, I was presented with a lovely pair of 6.5mm pearl stud earrings. I've not had a pair of pearl studs for awhile now (I horribly mistreated some of the ones I've had in the past) and now I have a lovely large pair of them. Lucky me. Wonderful DH.

Best part? Didn't have to put up with those people that raised me. They didn't call to wish us a happy anniversary. That's not totally unusual because the maternal one never liked my choice of husband and I still think she doesn't. But at least the paternal one would call. Now, I don't know if they called the house while I was out running errands, but I doubt it. And the paternal one is probably pissy because I didn't call them on their birthdays and that's why he didn't call. No loss. I know they don't care for DH, but I do and that's what matters. And I'm still angry over that abusive phone call last August from the paternal one.

We went out for sushi last night (yes, we brought the kids with us because DH didn't arrange for babysitting considering it was a Sunday night and his parents were probably busy with church) and had ice cream and a lovely glass of Pama (pomegranite liqueur) that he bought for me. Pama good...

And all is right in the world. So, that's my not-so-boring weekend in a nutshell. Oh sure, other things happened but those were the highlights. And now, we're onto a Monday and I'll have to remember to take out the pearl earrings before showers, bed, working out, and all that other everyday life stuff.

Have a great Monday...