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Monday, March 26, 2007
It's Monday...
...welcome to another week.

I have nothing fleshed out for this week, but lots of ideas. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write about them.

This week opens with the following:
The baseball team didn't win this weekend, but they held the other team to their lowest scoring game in over 2 years. And to their closest win (we were within 3 points)

A has a science project due in about 6 or 7 weeks. We just finished one with B.

We're going to hear how Anna Nicole Smith died.

They've cut a big hole in the wall at my workplace. New emergency exit.

I've got meetings left and right.

Allergies seem to be kicking into high gear (I can feel it in my throat).

And it's 6am and I'm hungry. Not breakfast hungry. We're talking give me a big ole burger and fries and a thick milkshake and double that order hungry.

It's going to be a long day. Not a bad day, just a long day.