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Thursday, October 06, 2005
The Things You See...

...on the printer at work over a two week period when going to collect my stuff off the printer...

The results of someone's drug screen (from the random monthly pick of production employees). I'd say someone isn't going to be employed here for much longer.

A Google map to some location in downtown Seattle from another location somewhere in Seattle (and neither are the airport).

53 pages of Farscape fanfic. I bet I know *exactly* who that belongs to (no, not me).

An article about reducing your salt intake to 6g to reduce blood pressure

An Article on the difference between human trafficking and smuggling. I don't know who printed it, I don't want to know *why* they printed it. All I care about is that they're not going to throw me into a bag and try to smuggle me somewhere. Or sell me off - I wouldn't get a very good price, methinks.

Wells Fargo Bank Statements. Those are interesting. There's someone here with a large outflow and not a great inflow, so either that checking account is being used just to wipe out some bills, or someone's going to have some money problems really soon.

An evil level SuDoku puzzle. Nope, not mine. I'm still in Gentle level.

Travel confirmation emails, printed from Yahoo!Mail. Oh the fun I could have with this, since I know who is traveling, with whom they are traveling, and when they are traveling. *evil snicker*

A skill assessment test for Microsoft Access. Specifically, an introduction to queries and tables assessment test.

A printout of the cover of 'Matrix: Revolutions' and a second printout with a smaller version of the cover and some random phrases and actions printed out, with the names of people (I assume from CS) next to the quotes/actions.

Software specifications, and the coding guidelines for the current database structure.

The anonymous employee survey results for the production managers here.

An online reciept for the NNDC Online Store for 4 city summaries of high and low temperatures for a 3 year period.

Oh wait, that's *mine*. Special project. Someone else is sure to have thought it strange I'm sure.

Pretty boring stuff, except for the human trafficking thing. And I'm amazed, but not really all that surprised, at how little of it actually pertains to this workplace.