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Monday, August 15, 2005
The Weekend In Review...

...I was so glad that it was Friday, until I left work for the day. Scary, I know.

Friday I went home, on the way to being wiped out. I was groggy, headachey, and I knew that B had stayed home sick too. DH wasn't feeling too great either. The only one who seemed to be her usual bright and chipper self was A.

B came downstairs, and was sleepy, and initially wanted to cuddle with me but then she decided she just wanted to snooze by herself. DH had been napping off and on all day.

We decided, despite the need for it, that the cleaning of the house prior to the birthday party could wait until the next morning. Friday night was spent napping and watching television in a rather quiet manner.

Saturday we awoke and cleaned. Most of us were feeling mostly better, and so we made the house pretty. Good thing too, since we spent the first half hour of the playdate party (as we were calling it, since B only wanted to have one really good friend come over, and her cousins, and A got a friend to come too) just watching the kids run around the house and explore. We had fun at the park, we had fun at Baskin-Robbins after the park, and all was well and good.

Note to self: teach the kids some tact when it comes to seeing BlockBuster gift cards as presents and to not say "ewww, they're the enemy" (at least not out loud within earshot of guests who don't know who I work for)

Saturday after the party, I was feeling pretty ok, and I decided to head for the library to pick up my copy of "Eleven on Top" (the latest Janet Evanovich book about bounty huntress Stephanie Plum) that they had on hold for me, and almost finished that before bedtime. As soon as I set foot out of the library, literally, I was hit with this big sense of groggy sleepiness. I drove carefully home, and camped out on the couch. I was hoping that reading in a comfortable place would help relax me and put me to sleep, but that wasn't to be. Usually that works like a charm though. After a bit DH and I played Baldur's Gate and then watched "Master and Commander", but sadly I fell asleep during the latter.

Sunday was better - after a good night's sleep (well, I thought it mostly was; DH said I tossed and turned a lot), I was ready for the GTG at Needle in a Haystack, and headed off to that mid-day. It was nice being there with everyone, despite my inability to find anything to buy. OK, I did pick up the latest Just Cross Stitch and a few silks, and I still had credit left over on my gift certificate that someone sent me for my birthday. But it was strange being there and not being able to think of anything that I wanted. I did get to handle a reflecting individual's lovely Motorola RAZR phone though. Makes me wish I'd waited until I'd laid my hands on one of those and then reupped my Verizon deal. Ah well, I'll have my hands on one of those eventually - after any bugs are discovered and worked out.

Anyway, I had a bit of adventure on my hands with my ride when we went to leave the stitching store - the battery in the car had died, because she'd left the lights on after making it through the tunnel into Alameda. The stupid car (gotta love a Chevy, not) beeped at us when the tank was really low on gas, but didn't make a sound when we left the car with the lights on - like most normal cars do. Again, gotta love a Chevy. Not. So, while waiting for a jump from someone else who had cables, we grabbed a small dinner and sat and talked. I've missed talking with this person for quite some time, since she moved away almost two years ago, but she comes down for semi-regular visits. She has too many friends in the area that she misses. When we got home, I had my ride drop me off at the Round Table which is where DH had taken the girls, and I sipped a Coke and had a small slice of pizza.

Once we got home, it was showers and jammies for the girls, and a little computer time for me, and that about wraps up the weekend. I'm still tired this morning, and I hope that's just my need for sleep after a semi-busy weekend and not an indication of anything else, because I don't want to be sick before I get on a plane on Thursday.

Anyway, that's it from me today and the rundown of my weekend - a little more active than normal, and I know I left details out (like laundry, and other various things that you wouldn't want to hear about). Have a great day everyone!