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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Ah, Memories...

...Remember this entry that filled some space last week? Well, someone with some acreage decided to expand upon it, and now I'm compelled to fill a little more space with my additional items.

So I'm stealing from her what she stole from me that I originally stole from someone else. Confused yet? Good. So am I.

Scent: Good French Roast coffee, or fresh vanilla. Depending on my mood, naturally. Of course, if you take mood into account, the smell of a good spaghetti sauce filling the house can fit the bill too.

Movie: This week it's 'The Goodbye Girl'. It's been known to wander with some regularility to 'The Princess Bride', 'Say Anything', 'Lethal Weapon' and many others.

Dessert: This time of year it's fresh strawberries. By themselves. Later in the year it might be something covered with chocolate, or tiramisu, or even a simple Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Restaurant: Ugh. One of my more hated questions, but... La Foret. I'm hankering for a good buffalo steak at the moment.

Candy: Peanut M&Ms. But I think the new Mega M&Ms might become a favorite if I can find them.

Book: Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the Food" - it happens to be what I've got out from the library at the moment. Give me a day or two and it will either be the new Stephanie Plum book (it finally came in!) or Terry Pratchett's "Witches Abroad", which has been sitting in my book tray for two weeks and hasn't been touched. Yet.

Project: Right now, that's Guardian. Oh wait, maybe it's Tempest. Oh, heck, it's whatever I'm working on unless I'm completely sick of it.

Yesterday was one hell of a day - between work and home, I still have things I've not attended to yet. I was neck deep in materials procurement for part of the morning, and then the metrics in the afternoon, and then a last minute request from the boss before I ran off for the dentist.

The usually very anal me who answers emails within minutes got slowed down to answering emails... well.... I still have some to attend to. Don't you hate that?

Anyway, the dentist went well - the girls have done well and have no cavities. I have to line up an orthodontist assessment for the both of them, although we're pretty sure that A is going to be the one with the serious issues that need fixing. B's smile is gorgeous and straight (so far), albeit toothless. She's been keeping the tooth fairy on her toes.

DH has to go back for a little work - he's got the beginning of a cavity right on the edge of a filling. I, however, just have to have a filling refixed - it's 25 years old, silver, and looks like it's going to become an issue, and we don't want that molar to crack (the fill is on the side of the molar). It's more preventative work than anything else, but it's work that needs to be done. Especially when you consider that I'm short a set of molars due to they being pulled out when I was 12 to make room for my wisdom teeth because I have a small jaw.

Turns out my wisdom teeth couldn't be kept either, unless I wanted to continue to endure blackouts, migraines, and constant aching in my jaw. Oh, and the comments made that "maybe you have a tumor" - Kindergarten Cop was a relatively new movie then. So out the wisdom teeth came. Long story short, if I lose *these* molars, chewing things might get very challenging.

That's it from me today... just a run of the mill what's going on update. Maybe I'll have something more interesting tomorrow...

...because tomorrow never knows.