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Monday, August 08, 2005
If You Give a Mom a Cell Phone...

... since we don't have the Sunday Brunch any longer - and I have a big thank you to Erica who kept it going for so long - I have to come up with new things to fill the week, because I don't know how many original ideas I can come up with and keep talking about.

Nevertheless, last week I talked about getting a new cell phone battery. And from that DH and I were talking about what happens when you give a Mom a cell phone, and this is what I came up with from that.

If you give a mom a cell phone...

She’s going to tell people the number to it.

If she tells the school the number, they will call it.

If the school calls a cell phone, then a kid is probably in trouble (or hurt).

If a kid is in trouble (or hurt), then the mom will go pick up the kid.

If she picks up the kid, then she'll probably call the dad.

If mom needs to call the dad, a conversation may ensue.

That conversation will start to be about the kid, and then may turn to what's for dinner.

That’s when the mom realizes she needs groceries and makes a list.

She will drop the kid at home, and then go to the grocery store.

While at the store, she may call home to check on the kid.

While calling to check on the kid, she finds out that her cell phone battery is low.

When she finds out her battery is low, she realizes she's going to need to charge it and heads home to do so.

After a while, the battery will fail to hold a charge, and when that happens she will need a new battery.

And when she goes to get a new battery, she may just get a cell phone to go with it.

I know, I know. Boring and unfunny and no cute illustrations with a frazzled mouse and a mom to look at and make it come alive. I don't draw and you don't want me to. Trust me.

Anyway, it's Monday and I have nothing more clever than that at the moment. I just want to go back to bed. Have a good day everyone. *yawn*