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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Some Space Filling Sorts of Things....

...honestly... I have this great little blog about what happens when you give a mom a cell phone but it's still sort of embryonic, so I'm just killing time and filling space...

Found on a Very Snarky Mom's blog, a long time ago:

Favorite Soda: Coke. The real thing. None of that diet crap.

Favorite New CD: New to me: Bill Champlin's Burn Down the Night - it's been out for years, and I've had it for a year already. Does that tell you how often I buy CDs? There's so much out there that's new that I just don't like. But Bill's voice? It's warmed caramel mixed with fudge on top of french vanilla ice cream. *sigh*

Burger: Burger King. Whopper. No cheese, no mayo, no pickles. Add mustard. It's that or an In-n-Out burger, light on the dressing, definitely add onions.

Favorite Ice Cream: I have to pick *one*? Ok. It's Dreyers Dreamery Coney Island Waffle Cone.

Favorite Coffee: None, thank you. I drink tea. Green tea.

Store to Browse: It's been so long since I actually spent time in stores on a regular basis... maybe Rasputin's (used CDs), maybe Needle in a Haystack.

TV Show: I have to choose? Between CSI, Alias, 24, Mythbusters, Good Eats and Amazing Race? Oh heck. How about Grey's Anatomy?

Snack: Doritos (Nacho or toasted corn) or Cheesy Poofs (depends on my mood)

I Can't Stand: People who act like they know everything; condescending fools; people who are closed minded; people who don't realize that they really do need some medical help because they're in denial; people who only want to hear what they want to hear, and constructive advice that goes against that is something to fight over.

I Bet You Didn't Know: ...that I've bungee jumped off a bridge (illegally when I was 16)... that I was quite adept at playing the piano and was mastering Beethoven after 3 months...

Words To Live By: Nice Matters

Found on a Lunatic's blog, also ages ago:

5 Things I miss about my childhood:
I don't know if I can come up with 5, so bear with me here...

All day Saturday morning cartoon marathons, followed by a good monster movie, or Ma & Pa Kettle movie on one of the local independent stations.

Having limitless imagination and boundless energy all wrapped up in one package.

Living through that last day of school knowing that I had an afternoon of movies and popcorn in front of me, and then 3 months of no school! (I miss summer vacation)

Bugging my dad until he'd play cards with me.

Having an endless supply of things to talk about with my friends.

Childhood experiences aside, I miss being an kid and experiencing all those things and more. There was such a wonderment about being a kid and asking questions about everything without feeling stupid or exposed about it. Of course I'm one of the first now to tell you that an unasked question is the real sign of lack of knowledge, but it's just not as easy as an adult. People are more judgmental and critical of you.

I have to say, though, that I try to get some of these experiences I had to my own kids. Of course, Saturday morning cartoons have changed radically since the days of the WonderTwins and Speed Buggy, and the local independent is now a UPN station.

I'll stop what I'm doing and play cards with my kids, and I know they have limitless imagination and things to talk about judging from the amount of noise that I hear from those two little girls when they set their minds to playing.

I think what I'm going to miss the most is when my kids stop being kids, and grow up into adults. But then that's a whole 'nother phase of their lives that I'll get to enjoy.

That's it from me today. Have a good one!