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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Administrative Bits and Pieces...

...Every once in a while I have to point out a few things or clarify things that other folks point out to me that are remiss on the blog, the template, the general workings of the place.

So, this is that post. Very boring, I assure you, but maybe you'll learn something useful.

No, I don't have any control over what happens when you click the "Next Blog" button at the top of the blog - that's a Blogger "feature" and you click at your own risk.

My dog is actually 11 years old, soon to be 12. I should probably change that in the cast members portion of the blog but I've been lazy when it comes to that box.

I may drop the imood box, and put my current feelings in the blog entry itself. Been thinking about that for a long long time, and I've not made a decision about it yet.

I know that the space that usually has the people counter there is offline and awaiting new code, because I put that text there myself. And the new code should have been up at the end of May, if you believe their website, but it's still not there. So, the people counter might go bye bye soon, although I really like it. Maybe I'll go hunting for another one, if one exists that's free.

It has been brought to my attention that my comments show as no people responding until I get at least 2 replies to a topic. Interesting, I didn't know that. So I'm tinkering with Haloscan to see if there's something amiss there, or if I need to update my code. Thanks for the heads up on that one!

For Firefox users (and some Netscape users), I know there's a drop down box that extends past the outline of the space I have allocated for it. Totally annoying, and I need to fix it, but I haven't yet.

I might change the banner at the top of the template, or I may change the template altogether. I've not decided yet, but my eye has been wandering and contemplating a change to the way this place looks. Maybe I'll bring those bubbles back that I used to use.

I still have the topic suggestions that people posed in one entry a while back, and I'm still working on a few of them. Trust me, you have not been forgotten.

The smiley code for Haloscan changed, and I'm not sure why. But, here's what I've found.
:) = a smile
:( = a mad face (when it's supposed to be the universal sad face)
;) = still a blinky guy
:?: = a question mark
:lol: = a laughing guy
:+: = thumbs up
:-: = thumbs down
8) = guy with shades
:o( = sad face

Apparently, you can get these same results (and see what they look like) if you click the question mark above the text box on the comments sheet. You can just click the smiley that you want in the pop up that comes up when you do that. Also to take note, you can add bold and italics in the comments field as well.

Oh yes, I read *all* the comments. I love comments. Doesn't everyone?

I know my bloglist is long and has some bloggers that aren't active anymore and are missing others. I'll have to clean that up eventually. Perhaps over the weekend.

I'm also aware that my blog entries *are* rather long, and I may change it so that only the most recent two or 3 entries show up on the front page, and you have to click on the title link on the side to get to the rest. Another trick I could do is just put everything behind a cut that would hyperlink to the page that the entry resides on. Either way is fine, but they both mean weekly readers of my blog would have to hunt around for stuff, while the daily readers wouldn't have a problem since they'd keep up regularly. I don't have a perfect solution for this, and I never will.

I *may* put in a shoutbox on the sidebar. I've been thinking about this for awhile, but people may use that instead of using comments to make statements, and since a shoutbox really is a live exchange between people, I don't want fights breaking out over opinions on my topics. Then again, I've not really had a good brawl happen on this blog or over it. And I'm not entirely sure that I want to either. Gotta think some more on this one.

That's about it for the administrivia of this place. No, I don't neglect it, but some things do fall to the side ever so temporarily, and I'm always thinking about them. Have a wonderful day everyone, and I hope this helped if you wondered about something or were afraid to ask. Or have been forgetting to ask.