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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Random Rambles...

...It's time once again for another Random Rambles - one of those wondrous columns where I just have some quick thoughts about things that's been building up in my draft folder for a few weeks...

First off, people: stop jumping to conclusions. It's not all about *you* - and I direct that to every single person who is reading this.

Secondly: I'm sure there are going to be those who say, "Oh, I know *exactly* who she's talking about with that 'It's not all about *you*' comment... um, I don't have *that* many close friends online, so either someone (of my close friends) is telling tales out of turn (not likely), or someone's feeding anger and lies (more likely, based on past experience).

Knock it off people, there are enough problems in the world without you causing more. And you just never know when the person(s) you're trying to inflame and I could start conversing about what has been said and what hasn't.

And wouldn't that be a nasty place for you to be stuck in.

Just because people are out to get you doesn't mean you're paranoid. Classic. Heard that on "House" (the only time I've ever watched it)

You know that Hershey's chocolate commercial where the guy starts talking about how women love chocolate and implies that a great ice breaker is to offer them a piece of chocolate in the course of conversation?

Yeah. Right. I don't think so. Guy out of the blue offers me chocolate and I'll wonder what it's spiked with. That and it can't be Hershey's - offer me Godiva or Thornton's or Lindt, but not Hershey's.

Although, the appeal of a plain old Hershey's bar once in a while *is* somewhat comforting.

For reasons known only to me, I'm rolling my eyes at self-started, self-perpetuating pity parties.

I can understand that people are proud of their accomplishments and all, but a frightening new trend for me is this: putting one's first name and letters (you know the ones that go with a degree) in one's signature space. I see it at work... All. The. Time. Don't you think that's rather...

... showoffy? Egotistical? Pretentious? If I did that my email sig (which I usually keep off) would look something like this:

-WG's full name here-; B.A. International Economics, B.S. Financial Markets
-Company Name-
-Company Position-
-Phone #s-

I really don't think that I need to have emails telling me that you're an EE, or a PhD, or that you've acquired a juris doctorate, and therefore can be called Dr *or* Esquire.

You aren't me. You couldn't possibly be me, nor could you understand me - probably because you've not bothered to try or to listen to what I've had to say, and only read what you want into what I say, and take what's convenient for you to pick apart so that it can look like you're a victim of me picking on you in the playground.

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

That one's been rattling around in my brain for awhile.

For reasons known only to me, I'm rolling my eyes at self-victimization.

There's a Carl's Jr within walking distance of my office. I go there once in a while for lunch - a salad here, a small burger there. I think I'm going to walk the longer distance and go to McDonald's for awhile.

At least until the stench of Paris Hilton wears off the chain for me. Honestly... that commercial went too far.

I'm also offended by the fact that Paris has decided to file for a trademark on the phrase "that's hot" because she's been saying it forever and wants to put it on t-shirts, but she'll let everyone else say it because she's nice that way. Well darn, I guess I'd better get a trademark in on "Good deal", "There you go", "...and your point is?" and "...but I digress" because I've been saying *those* for years myself.

I can't put them on clothing that people would buy, so people will have to pay me for using them. Because I'm not nice like that. I've been saying lots and lots of words for years, maybe I should trademark those too while I'm at it.

So, with BlockBuster's new DVD rental ads, they're stating that 1) you can keep the movie a week longer, and 2) they have more content than before. But they also have a lovely disclaimer at the bottom of the ad that says a restocking fee will come into play and all that lovely stuff they have to say to avoid false advertising claims.

I want to address the content thing - so, you're finally going to get stock in the movies that you should have had in the first place to meet customer demand? And it only took you, what? 10 years to figure that out?

The movie industry is distressed at the fact that they've got 17 straight weekends where the box office take is lower than the same weekend last year. You think that might have something to do with the fact that 1 - movie ticket prices are so darn high and 2 - they just keep remaking things that are already out for rental...?

Ok, that's it from me. Yes, I have/had a bee in my bonnet, but that doesn't mean I'm out to "get" anybody or am actively pursuing the mental instability of individuals around me. Sheesh. There are so many gosh darned strange things being said about me in the last few months that even *I* need a scorecard to find out if I'm a nice person or an evil witch these days. If you haven't heard anything strange lately, count yourself among the lucky.