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Friday, June 17, 2005
Father's Day is coming...

...And I've no idea what we're doing for DH. Talk about waiting until the last minute. And yes, I'm very aware that DH is probably reading this.

We know there are plans for *his* dad (FIL). And we should have done something for *my* dad - who is probably going to give me grief because I didn't send him any pictures of the kids yet.

Anyway, wish me luck in the hunt, and this week's Friday Forum is about Dads...

1] In your opinion, what characteristics make a good father? Also, what traits make a good grandfather?

A good dad? How about just a good parent in general - firm, loving (and shows it as well as tells you) and an all around good guy who will sit down and tell you the truth. Gently... even if it bruises your ego or makes you feel worse, because it's the right thing to do and will guide you on the right path.

Generally, this is a guy who learned to do that from his own parents, so the same things stand for a good grandfather.

2] Do you have any special plans for this Father's Day weekend?

As I said above, no. Tomorrow, however, we're going to MIL/FIL's for a bratwurst cookout and swimming. Considering, however, that it rained all last night, is expected to rain today, and be overcast and cool all weekend, I'm betting that there won't be much swimming (at least from the adults).

But I'm all for grilled meat...

3] Who's your favorite "television dad"? (For example, Bill Cosby ... Mike Brady ... Ray Barone ...) Why? Is your own father similar to any of those characters?

Favorite television dad? That would be Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable. He was great - funny, often had to set his kids straight, clearly the authority to attempt to undermine. Which isn't something that you *should* have as a quality in a dad, but definitely something funny to watch.

4] What's the most important thing that your father ever told you?

Always do your best, and if you do, then you've got something to be proud of. And what other people think of your efforts doesn't matter because *you* know you did your best.

5] Is your father difficult to buy Father's Day gifts for? Why/why not? What types of things does he like?

Yeah, but usually I can get away with a puzzle or pictures of the kids mailed up to him. Or a good computer game. It's my DH that's the tough one to get things for.

Sorry for the short answers, but it's not a topic that I felt like waxing on and on about... have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to the dads who read this.