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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Blog Patrol and search terms...

...I've had some of the most interesting search terms lead to my blog. Here's a sampling of what I've gotten over the last few months.

Some are really obvious to me, since they're directly related to specific blog entries that I've made, or made close to one another so that they appear on the same archive page (for a particular month). I've kept the search criteria exactly as it appears - with the quotes, without the quotes, mispellings....

Then there are the ones that aren't so obvious... Some of them downright scare me. And the ones where I wonder when the search engine got on drugs (and which ones) to determine my blog as a landing point for such things as....

Does technology breed laziness (Ok, I think I actually wrote a whole blog about that one. So it's relevant.)

ps Your Girlfriend is Pregnant (um... ok. That one's a little unusual, but since the words were separate, I'm betting it was multiple words within a month)

"Why are people so fascinated with watching reality t.v" (yeah, I blogged that one)

Mythbusters ornaments (Ok, this one had to hit on the monthly archive thing, although that's an intriguing idea)

soulful fruitcake menus (I didn't know fruitcake had a soul. I thought it was a pretty colored brick...)

"Mattress santized" (um....)

Recessive Genes for Dummies (Ok, that one would make a good book to be written for the series and added to my blog about Dummies books)

Anklet belongs to which side when you are married (I don't recall ever mentioning the word anklet in my blog anywhere....)

"make and take" and "milk carton" (Oh Kaaaaay.)

how much blistex do people buy (Ok, I really want to know how *I* would know *that*)

Stitchers anonymous addiction (Yup Yup. This one's a familiar statement)

Sting's 53rd birthday party (Yeah, I can pick out this blog entry too)

4 stroke mini buggie plans (wierd, but I can see it)

California earthhquakes (Oh yeah, I remember *that* entry)

"Cross stitch" & "Van Halen" & pattern (Um... this one scares me a little. I know I've mentioned all those things in my blog, but a Van Halen xstitch pattern does frighten me slightly.)

Chicago Marillion concert review (Ok... I could see that, but the two have never played together. But OH! What a concert *that* would be)

make Creamy "Garlic Mashed Potato" (I don't remember where I may have mentioned it, but it sure sounds yummy)

Chatelaine's Mini Mystery F (Definitely admit guilt on this one)

Stone of Sisyphus chicago mp3 (I think this one fits too)

desiderata sampler kit (yeah, I could see this one fitting too)

elektra daredevil jewelry (um... unusual....)

"Emperors new groove wav" "bring it on" (as a phrase? I've said this somewhere in my blog? I don't quite buy this one)

gidget series high school (Well, the gidget part is obvious. The series part is obvious since I've talked television before. The high school part, yeah, I've done that too - but all in the span of a single month)

I went Rocky Mountain climbing I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManchu and I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter and I gave forgiveness I'd been denying and he said someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were (really, that's where it ends - and I blogged this whole song one day, so it makes sense)

Bull named fumanchu (obviously this one and the one above are related)

secret song on Live Like You Were Dying (also related to the above)

song skydiving (also related, but this one makes me wonder how many other songs about skydiving are out there...)

mealy worms (pantry infestation blog)

pee-chee folder (back to school blog)

zevon mexican food (Um... Oh Kay. I know I've mentioned both, most likely in the same month, but a search on something like that just scares me)

Hooker outfit (um... that *has* to be the Halloween blog. Please let that be the Halloween blog....)

"People wonders" (Well, *I* wonder. After all, that's part of the name of this place)

What did most "indentured servants do" when they had "completed thier service to thier master"? (Um, I don't remember discussing slavery....)

What questions should parent discuss with the school pyscho regarding my childrens needs (Um.... Hrm.)

Whiz at diaper (OK, that's just going too far.)

Pyscho bunny birthday cards (Ok, this is a little more normal)

Pumps for pasta machines ogre (This is another one that scares me)

"Instructions on restretching carpet" (I think I've mentioned this before)

Aurios scissors (Um... I know a user named Aurios, but I've never mentioned her in the blog - at least I don't recall mentioning her in the blog, unless this got picked up as a word fragment, but I can't even think of a word that would have this sequence of letters in it)

Jack Skellington Cross Stitch Patterns (Do they exist? I'm not sure if I'd be happy or shaking my head over it...)

What does it mean when you find a lump of coal in your Christmas stockings (Well, that's an interesting one... and relevant at this time of year)

Crash dummy halloween costumes (*raises an eyebrow* Must have been halloween)

Grip tape made mail link (That's just strange)

How to overdye threads (*definitely* have mentioned this one - the CATS post)

Movie upsize McDonald's (Oh yeah, I obsessed for two days on this one)

"I urped" (Um.)

Thank goodness, there's one really obvious one: Whizgidget Blog