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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
...even more joys...

... of last minute Christmas shopping! Yup, betcha you thought I was going to say more earthquakes or aftershocks, didn't ya? Fooled you.

Yesterday (after the movie) and today (after dropping the kids off at school) was the last minute Christmas shopping that we didn't do before. There were stocking stuffers to gather, and wrapping paper to buy, and a calligraphy pen to hunt down (so that the gifts from Santa could be properly addressed in a writing that the kids wouldn't recognize).

There was also the last of the last of the wrapping of the gifts. Everything's done now. Except one.

Yup. There's one gift left to be bought. And it's going to be among the hardest to figure out. No, it isn't DH's. That one I solved last Friday. His parents. Specifically, his father. If I thought DH was hard to shop for... *shakes her head* He's nothing compared to his dad.

So, off we go tomorrow to find that one last thing... wish us luck.

I'll probably be offline the next couple of days to enjoy the holiday and my last couple of days of vacation... at least, the last days until my long weekend next week. :)

Until Then... Happy Holidays.