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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Happy Belated Halloween!
...Yes yes, I know I'm a day late. So, let's review:

A was a hippie hobo. B was a witch. I didn't go through their candy last night except for a couple of pieces that they could eat right away or include in their lunch to be safe.

Based on the count of pieces of candy we had (I went by bag counts) we had over 200 kids come through. We're usually a little stingy with the candy because we always get so many kids, so it's one piece per. Little kids (that barely come up to my mid-thigh) always get to pick straight from the bowl (I crouch down for them and they're always so cute).

No pranks this year and no creative dress-up in the office, probably because the board of directors meeting was being held. Very informal board, but still.

In other news, work is going well so far. The ex-boss (that I like) was in the office yesterday and I still don't know if they've convinced him to join the board or advise or not. The new boss likes the metrics formats that I've put together already - oh yes, I've been here since Monday at 1pm and I've already put together two models. And I now have access to the Google Analytics portion of the program so I'll be integrating that shortly.

It hit me last night that I am truly the only analyst here. I'm in charge of *all* of the data and how to report it. We're all data junkies here, but I'm the *one*. That is a daunting and sobering task that lies ahead of me.

Oh and true of any startup, I come in early (around 7:30), everyone else starts coming in around 9ish, and the network has already failed on me. I'm working on an open wireless network at the moment (and it's making me increasingly nervous).

Let's see... what else is going on that I haven't weighed in on...

Oh yes, a 10 year old child playing with matches is responsible for starting part of the fires down south and they're still trying to figure out if they're going to charge him. I think that they should. I don't care that he's 10 - he's a pint sized firebug, and I'd expect the same treatment of my daughters should they do something that stupid. Granted, I feel for his parents but that kid is old enough to know better. You don't play with matches and I seriously hope that his parents are severely disappointed in him (and have told him that too).

Sound harsh? Perhaps. If it were a fire in a trash can or dumpster, then that would be one thing. This fire took out acres and burned 21 homes, if I'm not mistaken. He should be charged and he should be made to face the people who lived in and owned those 21 homes and see what it did to them. See the ash and destruction of their homes. And see what little possessions, besides their lives, that they were able to make it out of the houses with.

I suspect it wasn't much other than the clothes on their backs.

Ok... That's it from me today. Tomorrow I'll put up my You Make Me Smile Awards...