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Friday, October 19, 2007
How Evil Am I?
...I know that there are some out there that think I'm the bringer of all that is evil. Or that I'm just a cruel and evil person. Or anything else that involves my name and evil bad things combined.

Well, I'm not. And it's a little to my disappointment. After all, Suz, who I count among my closest of friends is twisted. And I find it terribly disappointing that I am *not* twisted, despite a wicked sense of humor and a fascination with reading psychological thrillers, watching horror movies, and a general interest of who is on the FBI Most Wanted Top 10 list and why. And the occasional foray into reading up on serial killers.

Despite all that, I am not evil. Disturbed, maybe, but not evil. Apparently I get to balance Suz...

How evil are you?