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Monday, October 22, 2007
Random Rambles's time for me to mention those quick things that are rattling around in my brain. It's not much this time...

The other day DH commented on a flyer at Starbucks regarding foster kittens. His comment?

I like kittens. They're good breaded and fried.

Yes, I laughed in spite of myself

Has anyone noticed those "Wrightnow family" commercials for Netflix? The woman in that? Totally creepy. B thinks she looks demented. I think she's just... well, she's creepier than the fact that the uncle is holding a stuffed cat.

I've heard Dumbledore is gay. Great.

Now the ultra-conservative Christians who are totally whacked out (meaning those who are totally whacked out, not that all of them are whacked out) have one more reason to try and get the book banned.

Last week was Banned Books Week - what did *you* read?

I told you that there wasn't much rattling around this time...