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Friday, June 08, 2007
You Can't Help But Groan... and Cheer...
...So Paris Hilton got *out* of jail yesterday around the same time that I posted yesterday's entry. And boy I had to edit darn quickly to add that she'd gotten out of jail. Which is why I groan....

So, her parents either bought off the sheriff or found her 'get out of jail free' card or whatever it was that happened. She gets to sit at home being pampered and spoiled with a brand new anklet and is supposed to stay in her home. And Paris released a statement thanking the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for treating her "fairly and professionally".

Fair? This is fair? They let a drunk driver with no regard for her assigned punishment to get out of jail and sit in her home with her servants for the next 40 days. And you *know* she's going to break the boundaries set on her and explain it away with "I thought the anklet would tell you everywhere I went and that I didn't have to stay at home, just in the county".

This is celebrity justice - and I'm not alone in thinking that. I know that the county jails are overcrowded and that nonviolent offenders are often released after serving small portions of their sentences. But Paris is in the "special needs" section of the jail - one of 24 cells. They could have kept her in there to serve out her sentence. It's not like they were throwing her in the general population. So I don't buy that excuse from anyone.

She's a drunk driver - you know they hurt and kill people right? They destroy lives and livelihoods. And too often they walk away unharmed. DH hopes she self-destructs and I would agree except that it would make her more of an icon than James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. The bloggers would have a field day, the internet shrines would proliferate and expand. We don't need that. We need Paris to live a long life in obscurity. We need the press and people to get tired of her.

The problem is that she's such a good target and puts herself in the crosshairs for all of us. After all, how many of you thought that I'd ever write about Paris in the first place, let alone for two days in a row?

They need to throw her rear back in jail. I don't care what her little health issue is - unless she's dying, she needs to be back in jail. She'll have to learn to eat the food, even if she doesn't like it. Even if it doesn't come out of a bottle. *thank you strgzr for that comment yesterday*

And there's a good chance that she might end up right back in jail. The original ruling from the judge, which everyone seemed to have forgotten when she was released, said that she couldn't serve her sentence out at home (this is why I cheer). She *had* to be in jail. The judge is hauling everyone back into court for a hearing at 9am Pacific time to discuss this matter and Paris will be escorted there by the sheriff. Heh. I can't wait. I really really hope that they explain what this "medical condition" is that has Paris serving at home and that the judge scoffs and puts her back in jail. After all, they have detox programs at some of the jails. And considering she was a "special needs" prisoner I'm sure she would have access to such programs.

By the way, the sheriff isn't off the hook on this for making the decision either - prosecution attorney's want sheriff's officials held in contempt of court for disobeying the judge's orders. I totally agree. The sheriff, however, is defending his actions by stating that keeping her in there with her medical condition is unwise and that punishing celebrities more than the average American isn't justice.

That's definitely not a fair statement - while we don't know *exactly* what Paris' "medical condition" is there are lots of other things we know. We know that her "medical condition" should have been mentioned prior to sentencing so that the judge could take that into account. If she was diagnosed with something between sentencing and reporting to surrender, she should have made that known. She did neither, so either she's stupid (this *is* Paris we're talking about, natch) or this is a ploy to get out of jail (again, we're talking about the pampered princess).

I know I wouldn't want someone who is truly suffering to be in jail. If you're suffering that much, then you should be in the hospital for your issue. But Paris looks pretty darn healthy (physically) and there's no reason that she should be serving her time at home unless the county needs to throw some more cops in jail.

Personally I think it's all a ploy, and they should tack some more time on her sentence so that she can truly think about what she's done, didn't do, should have done for this little stunt. Because 3 days isn't enough time to reflect on your life, as Paris said she did while she was in jail. Even rehab takes longer than 3 days to get you thinking about your life. Maybe Paris' theme song should be a takeoff of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab"...

..."they try to make me go to jail, and I say no no no"