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Friday, June 01, 2007
What's Bringing People Here?
...It's been so long since I was able to do a good one of these, mostly because search terms are hard to capture in one of the the pieces of software I use, and partly because the one that's really good at it was offline for *ages*. But, here we go! It's short, yes, but good.

ultimatebb Teresa wentzler - gosh, when did I mention *that*? I'm betting that was someone from The Wagon searching on that term after the Anniversary post that I put up in early January.

"skewered one sympathizes" - that came from the James Bond blog.

nicotenelle - Ah, I vaguely remember questioning a British radio commercial about this stuff. That's from a *LONG* time ago. At least a couple of years.

mouthcam - Yup, the usual mouthcam search. They're coming from Alta Vista. I didn't even know Alta Vista was still in operation. It's all about the Google, baby... which had a search for 'rough mouthcam'. *THAT* is going to generate some interesting searches now I'll bet. *starts wondering if she's included in porn searches now and is really glad she doesn't have her email address anywhere on this blog*

"4th Grade" "mission project" building materials plans - Yup, I remember those blogs. Someone actually read the 4th grade hell entry on that one. B was working on her mission when I found this one (it's long done, and I know I haven't written it up or posted pictures)

poetry on people being more important in life when dusting and cleaning can wait - to borrow from Dave Barry - I am *not* making this up. I don't think that I've ever had that whole string in one go on my blog, but I know I've talked about spending time with my family being way more important than a clean house. I may have to execute this search myself to see where I fall into place with it or if there really is poetry out there with that subject. Or maybe I should *write* some poetry about that subject.

gummy bears at amc theaters - That must have led them straight to the movie blogs I posted last week.

wagon yuku whiz - well, I *am* WhizGidget (not whizgadget, as some like to mis-spell my nickname), and I do own the Wagon, and it *is* on yuku. I also happen to be a little bit of a whiz at navigating and troubleshooting code and other issues on Yuku, so that fits too.

Well, that's all for today. Have a great weekend, and hopefully the next time I do this I'll have a lot more.