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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Awww... Poor Poor Pitiful Me... least that's what Paris Hilton should be singing these days. Oh god, I hope I didn't put a suggestion out there. The last thing I want to hear is that bimbo embarking on a singing career.

So Paris surrendered and got taken off to jail right after the MTV Movie Awards or whatever "award" show that MTV was running over the weekend. She was liberally made fun of while she's sitting there in the audience, and people applauded loudly when the host said she was going to jail.

I guess Paris' ego took a few shots that night. It's clear that people don't like her as much as she thinks they do.

Anyway, she goes off to jail and gets her orange jumpsuit and starts her sentence. And all I've heard since then is how upset she is, she cries, she hasn't eaten, etc. Oh, and she's scared. Well, duh. You're in jail chickie, what did you expect?

I get it - since she knew she was going to the celebrity wing, she probably figured that there would be a stylist, caterer, and masseuse, right? Wrong-o. She's locked in a box 23 hours out of the day and apparently the other inmates have more freedom than she does because they've been visiting to tell her she doesn't belong there, to give her origami butterflies made from magazine pages and a drawing pad (no word on whether or not she got pencils with that).

It's clear that people care about her. Heck, I even know a local radio station that has her address and mug shot up (, buried on Don Bleu's page). They warn that you can't send stuff with glitter to Paris, but they told us on the radio that you *can* send money orders. I almost stopped the car to start banging my head on the steering wheel when he said that.

Money orders? You can send the heiress money orders? You know that insane and stupid people are going to do just that, as if she didn't have enough money already. After all, we had people sending a petition to the Governator to try and convince him to pardon her. *shakes head sadly*

Paris is scared, sure, she's in jail. But do we really have to hear the 'poor poor pitiful me' news that we keep hearing about her? You'd think that the press would have let this one go by now, but the machine just keeps on cranking crap out about this. Let it go. Let her serve her sentence quietly so that we don't have to deal with it anymore....

...until the next time she gets caught driving drunk.

Ok, wait a second. I just found out that she's out of jail. Her psychiatrist visited her for two hours on Tuesday and for another 90 minutes yesterday, and now she's worked a deal to get out? She was in jail for what? Less than 72 hours?

We knew when the sentence was cut from 45 days to 23 that she probably wouldn't serve the entire 23 days, but 72 hours? Come on, is there no justice in this world? A pampered princess of an heiress who has never really paid for the consequences of her actions: a sex tape, no panties, driving drunk. Doesn't matter what it is, she's probably thinking that she will *always* come out on top....

...and we're never going to hear the end of it now.