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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Catching up on memes... first the A List

...oh boy... my head's been in a real whirl for the last couple of weeks... so here's a couple of memes for catching up on things I've neglected. First up, the A List!

There's nothing quite like a good book. Of course, there's nothing quite like a really bad book, either, but that's usually another story (pun intended). ;)

What was the last book you read that you would recommend to someone else? Is there a book you recommend consistently to anyone that will listen? How often do you pick up a book for pleasure reading? Can you read multiple books at one time?

The last book that I read that I'd recommend is probably 'Witches Abroad' by Terry Pratchett. It was well written, and extremely funny. Well, for me the giggle factor was high. And it doesn't have a lot of the DiscWorld history in it so that someone new to the series (like me) could easily read it and not feel lost.

I constantly recommend "The Bridge Across Forever" and "one" by Richard Bach to anyone who will bear listening to me. The first is about the search and finding of a soulmate, and the second is about all the possibilities that the universe holds - and the alternate universes. It gets you thinking about the decisions you have made, the paths you have traveled and the ones that you haven't (or won't get to as a result of your decisions). Excellent book. Really, I cannot say enough about it.

Since the only reading I ever do is pleasure reading, I can say that I honestly pick up books all the time for pleasure reading and I do manage to get through a few at the same time. I don't often read multiple books at one time though - too much page turning. Kidding. If I have more than one book going, they're usually at opposite ends of the spectrum. Something about economic development might be balancing against the latest James Patterson or Jonathan Kellerman or something like that. Yes, I'll read books about the social and economic impact of a society's decisions/actions for pleasure reading. I had a double major in International Economics and Financial Markets - you don't walk away from something like that without some sort of scarring.

We all find reasons that we have to travel – whether it be for a family vacation, or for a work situation. But have you ever traveled for the specific purpose of going to a fun convention? Maybe it’s for a hobby, for a favorite television show, movie or comic book, or even for role-play gaming.

What convention did you go to, how much time did you spend there, and is it something you would do (or have done) again?

I've traveled a couple of times for conventions - they're more like festivals, but it counts. For cross stitch. Yes, there are festivals for cross stitchers. Of course, since most of my readership is such, then you know that already, and know that I spent part of this past weekend at one such event. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat, finances willing.

I know people who go to gaming conventions, and comic book conventions. We even had one notable cross stitch designer go to a 'con' and dress up as She-Hulk! She was incredible (no pun intended) as she prepared for all of it, and blogged it as well, along the way.

Conventions are good ways to meet people who can understand the niche that you're in - the obsession, the love, the enjoyment, the whatever it is you have for the focus of the gathering. They speak the language that your family might not be able to decipher. And you meet familiar faces too - or ones that you've only chatted with online, and have a face and a voice to put to them finally.

So that's it for the moment... I'll see you tomorrow.