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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
I'm still here...

...I've not been motivated to write anything or answer any memes. I'll probably be back to that next week and playing catch up. So there's your warning that I'll be doing memes next week. And the overdue State of the Stitching Address has been drafted. Maybe I'll put that up tomorrow.

First off, I want to thank everyone for their hugs and supportive comments to the last blog entry. My family and I really appreciate it. And I think Sasha would be wagging her tail happily at all of them if she were still here to sit next to me at my computer while I read them to her.

It's hard around the house without Sasha. Especially walking into the garage. Last night I went in to get to my chest freezer and I opened the door carefully so that I wouldn't step on the dog. Who wasn't there. And my mind, which was in another realm obviously, quietly said "hey fuzzbucket". As soon as I said it, tears sprang up because I realized she's gone.

DH went into the garage a few times yesterday and kept expecting to hear the jingle of her tags from her kennel. And the gardening service for the neighbors asked him if he could kennel the dog so they could trim the 7 foot high bushes they've grown along their fence (and which droop over *our* fence).

It's hard. DD#2 last night in the car asked if our hearts had healed yet, because she says she's ready for another dog. But I looked at her, and her eyes were a little shinier than they should have been. I know she misses da doggie more than anything, but she's definitely more resiliant than I if she's already saying she's ready.

I was definitely depressed through most of Monday and Tuesday, and was trying to snap out of it late yesterday. I've had some dumb remarks thrown my way, such as "it's just a dog" and "go check the humane society after Christmas so you can get a good puppy cheap". The first "it's just a dog" had me in tears instantly and I had to excuse myself from the room. A room filled with people. I don't know what was said after I left, but I think that person is pretty darn sorry he said it (mostly because HR was in the room and they knew what I was going through).

Anyway, I'm here. I've been quiet yes, but I think that's understandable. And I'm ok...

...well, I'm coping. And I think that's pretty reasonable considering.