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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
More BlogPatrol search terms

...this was so much fun the last time I did it (and watched all the other blogs start doing it), that I decided to keep track once again.... This one's a little long, because I've been saving these up for a while (and I have even more that I'll put together and publish later in the week or next week)....

Calories in clemintines (I'll buy that I mentioned all three of those things in this blog at some point or another)

Stevie Wonders daughters (Hrm. I don't recall discussing him, but perhaps I did.)

Ramon Salcido (that's got to be the result of mentioning him in conjunction with the Scott Peterson trial ending)

sparkly pencil (school supplies... I'm going to blame it on the school supplies)

cialis soft tab "red dawn" (it doesn't concern me so much that these words are in my blog, as it does that they're being searched together. Red Dawn, last time I looked, was a 1980s movie with C.Thomas Howell and a few others fighting after the US was invaded by Russia.... if it's slang for something else, then I'm not sure I want to know...)

the pub ezboard whizgidget (that's got to be a select small group of people searching that one)

sneeze fit (lord knows I have enough of those)

flamed kitchenaid mixer (I don't ever recall talking specifically about Alton Brown's mixer... but I do love it)

things that sucked about 2004 *along with 2004 Sucked and 2004 how it sucked* (looks like I wasn't the only one who felt like 2004 was a bad year...)

ramon salcido killed 3 children (ooooohhhh kaaaaay, again - that must be the Scott Peterson blog entry)

tummy bulge weight site (I think I'm more frightened by the fact that there might be such a site on blogspot)

Sting's religious beliefs (now, that would actually be interesting)

"birthday July 3" god (Ok, I've got a birthday on July 3, but coupling that with the term god in the same search is a little... disconcerting.)

Malicious behaviour from an ex-wife (oh, yes, I think I've talked about this once because of a friend of mine)

ezboard ex-girlfriend username (that one's a little creepy... what would you *do* with an ex-girlfriend's ezboard username...)

counted stitching marketing problems (um...)

we buy stinky smelly houses (I don't want to know, I really don't want to know, please, really, I don't want to know)

"dating for Dummies" "Sex for Dummies" pdf (yes, this was ONE search term altogether)

faedragon mel (hey, I know two people with those names....)

stasha blogspot (Look Stasha - people *are* looking for you... just on the wrong service.)

how much does the ouija board at Westfield Mall (how much does it What?)

In which country have earthhquakes killed the most people? (and that leads to *my* blog?)

chauffer employement (oh yes, because I'm the best source to find work driving other people around all the time)

what's comes first painting or wallpapering (I suppose it's a honest question, but whyever would someone want to paint over wallpaper? Don't answer that....)

best exercise routine to get rid of a beer belly (and I would know this...why?)

stress reliever flamethrower (Um... okay. While using a flamethrower might constitute some stress relief for some - including myself - it's not something I advocate in this blog. Ever. Or at least not without protective equipment)

"The drugs I need" lyrics (What scares me more? That there is a song that actually exists with that title, or the fact that that particular sequence of words comes up in my blog...)

drugs that can be heated on spoon (again, I think I should be concerned, right?) (hey, I know her, but she gets waaaay more interesting search terms than I do)

"Tom Cruise" "fired his publicist" (and look where that's gotten him...)

One more thing on the Tom and Katie thing - so they're planning a Scientology wedding for sometime next month and Nicole Kidman reportedly will *not* be there, after being invited as the guest of honor. And, allegedly, Katie isn't being allowed to go anywhere alone (including the bathroom) and looks like she's not slept in weeks.

First thing - you don't invite the ex-wife as a "guest of honor". There are no guests of honor at a wedding, because *everyone* is a guest of honor - you've been invited to share in the beginning of what hopes to be a lifelong committment (for normal people, not for this sham of a Tom and Katie thing), not a party to celebrate someone else.

Second thing - Katie looks like she's not slept in weeks and isn't allowed to even attend the bathroom alone? Sounds like the brainwashing isn't quite kicking in 100% and they want to be sure that she doesn't escape....

... or send a message to anyone about what a sham this really is.