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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
...and I'm back!

...and yes, I had a wonderful week off. Not much to tell - lots of movies, stitching, eating... everything that a good vacation is filled with right?

But it was also filled with my birthday, which was on Sunday for anyone keeping track. Or not keeping track.

Before I begin - Batman Begins? Totally excellent. Madgascar? Hysterical. But I didn't see War of the Worlds, darn it, and that's what I *really* wanted to see.

Ok. So. Sunday. I wake up at a not late hour, but not early one either, and hit the computer to take care of email and a few other things. That's when A alerts me to the fact that I have presents, and when am I going to open them. Silly me. I didn't even notice them. B hadn't dragged herself out of bed yet, so I waited until she was downstairs to share in the present opening, else she would feel bad about it.

There were two boxes. One contained a prized stuffed bunny. I figured that that was from both of the girls, but found out later that it was only from A, because B came to me and cried that she didn't have a present from me. I told her that some B-Shine and a big hug would be the best present I could ever hope for, and got both immediately.

The second box was simply wrapped with some pink construction paper - The Indiana Jones box set. Widescreen, naturally. I was beyond thrilled because I'd wanted that set for so darn long and I just hadn't gotten around to picking it up.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I got a couple of things on Saturday. A good friend sent a box filled with tins of raspberry sour Altoids... and an anonymous soul sent a gift certificate to Needle in a Haystack to me that states "Nice will Always Matter". It's that Because Nice Matters person at it again (or multiple people). And I thank you greatly for the present (but you might not want to respond as a commenter to this unless you're sure you can hide your IP address)!

So, after a trip to Krispy Kreme, and lunch at Chevy's (which DH was less than thrilled with the choice of that place, but it's where I wanted to eat), and a quick side trip to Home Depot for bamboo sticks so that I can build a trellis for my peas, we headed home and I put in "Last Crusade" and happily started watching and stitching with the occasional break to get up and stretch.

As soon as that was finished, "Raiders" got started up. And by the time that was finished, I was hungry. So were the kids. DH wasn't, so that sort of stopped dinner plans slightly. Since I wasn't famished, I just rode out the rest of the night until it was almost bedtime, and ate some strawberries and peaches for dinner.

After a shower, and putting the kids to bed, it was another movie. No, not "Temple of Doom", but 'Alien'. Heee. Never underestimate the power of a good horror movie. Of course I was nodding off during it because I'd put my stitching down to be able to watch it and appreciate it, but at least I was awake during the final confrontations. Excellent movie. And *such* the set up for the sequel.

So, that in a nutshell was my birthday. There were lots of hugs from the kids, and much appreciation of DH because he got me those DVDs, and a couple of phone calls from Mom and MIL to enjoy along the way. The best part is that it was a nice relaxing day with my family around me, and that's what I really liked about it, because I like nice days with my family....

...even if they're squabbling and driving each other nuts while spending time together.