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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Blogging about Nothing...

...I really don't have a topic on deck today and I didn't spend my week off from this place writing blog entry after blog entry to have a stockpile for when I have days like this.

There's nothing really important going on, unless you count that A is going to be 9 in 6 days and I don't have any party plans or ideas for birthday presents.

Nothing significant is going on at work (at least nothing that I can talk about, since there *is* something going on that I can't talk about at all) - everyone's healthy and happy, except my boss' daughter who had a seizure (she was the one with the aneurysm last year that suddenly happened and dropped her while she was rollerblading).

I've not stitched in a couple of days, but that's because I've been so darn tired getting back into the swing of actually going somewhere to work instead of going downstairs in my jammies and working for a couple of hours. But I did finish framing Above the Clouds and FutureCast and they're happily hanging in my office now.

Nothing good has been on television (and I stopped watching Lost, through no fault of my own), but that will change tonight as Alias starts up its 4th season. Ooooo I can't wait! 24 will be starting up too.

Oh, I'll be reprogramming this blog template too - I've been playing with a design for over a month, but I did something horribly wrong (I hate CSS, I hate CSS, it's so damn easy, but I hate CSS) so I'm back on the drawing board. It *will* be a totally different look than what we've got here, that's for sure.

Take heart, the author is still the same. It's just a redecoration of the room, not a metaphysical overhaul of the author (although, maybe that's overdue too).

That's about it from here for today... see ya tomorrow.