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Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Methinks Someone Protest Too Much...
...Once upon a time there was a television show with a cute little red haired munchkin named Michelle. No one but the crew knew for awhile that Michelle was played by two little girls with different personalities. Eventually the show ended and the two little girls kept going with another show, and started the trend for "tween" focused movies.

They became very rich, started to diversify their corporation and since they were over 18 they no longer had to behave to fit the image that had been carefully cultivated for years.

Now one of them is potentially in a little trouble. Mary-Kate of 'Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen' fame owns a lovely apartment in New York. She loaned it to her friend Heath Ledger and he had the misfortune to die while staying there. Mary-Kate's masseuse (also on loan) was stupid and called MK instead of calling authorities.

Now Federal investigators want to talk to Mary-Kate. Keep in mind, it's been 7 months since Ledger died and she's been avoiding them for this long. But now she's willing to talk. Maybe. *IF* she's granted immunity from prosecution.

Immunity from prosecution for what I'd like to know. Hiring an incompetent masseuse? I don't think that's illegal, unless she thinks she'll be pegged for wrongful death, and last time I checked that's not a Federal crime. Drugs? She says (through her lawyer) that she didn't give them to Ledger and doesn't know where he got them. The DEA is definitely interested in the source of the drugs and their investigators are negotiating with her lawyers and the prosecutor's office.

Now, if she really didn't give him the drugs and really doesn't know where they came from, then why is she so resistant to speak to them without a guarantee of immunity? I know she's in a position where people probably want to sue her for one thing or another, but this is a criminal deal, not a civil suit. If she's honest in her statements then she's got nothing to worry about right? At least that's what I think.

But she's protesting and she's been avoiding them (and the spotlight) for months now. Somehow this doesn't look good, especially with the contingency request for immunity. Something doesn't smell right here, and I suspect she's trying to cover her rear for something in order to save herself and potentially any future earning potential.

My girls were never into the Mary-Kate and Ashley phenom, and I was too old for it when it came through. I'm happy about that, because I think MK is about to go down the rabbit hole, and it isn't going to be pretty on the other side.