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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Concert Tickets (written by A)
...but not just any concert tickets... Oh, no way. We got Kihncert Tickets! To see the Greg Kihn band. LIVE!

My grandparents had six tickets to a baseball game a few weeks back, and they offered four to my family. We took up that offer and went to watch the two baseball teams play. We almost caught a ball, too! Almost!

Well, at the baseball game, there was a booth. This booth was for 98.5 KFOX. My mom and dad (they only let years 18+ enter) both entered. My mom and I prayed we'd get something.

And guess what?

My mom's name was first to be called. We had concert tickets to go see the Kihncert!

Just yesterday was the Kihncert. We got there at just past one pm, and were there until, oh, I'd say roughly ten-eleven pm. Yup, that late. We missed ZeBop, though, a Santana tribute band. When my mom found out they were the Santana tribute band, she didn't seem very happy. But it was soon gone.

I was thrilled about the band we saw when we actually got there, though. It was Evolution, a Journey tribute band. Eeeeeeee! I was so happy! Journey is, like, the best band ever! Here is a list of songs they played, in no particular order:

Open Arms
Only the Young
Ask the Lonely
Don't Stop Believin'
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' (or whatever the song was called)
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
and many more I don't know or can't remember.

For their version of Faithfully, I must give it to them. They did absolutely fabulous. They were almost at the same pitch (until near the middle-end when they decided to change it a bit) and had most of the lyrics right on time, instead of pausing a bit more and going a bit faster like it did with the earlier songs. But they also did a great job on Separate Ways and Don't Stop Believin'.

The band after Evolution was Starship. I wasn't too hot about them. Not to say it wasn't blazing out there anyway. I tried to fall asleep through them. I was tired. The night before we hadn't gotten home until midnight. So you gotta give me credit for being tired.

I failed. I didn't fall asleep during Starship. But I did get my ears scarlet colored. I also closed my eyes, which I guess is half-way from asleep and awake.

The next band was pretty good, though.

Night Ranger!

You know, the band who sung Sister Christian and Secret To My Success? Yes, that Night Ranger!

Overall, I give them 9.5/10. They were excellent! They did play Sister Christian and Secret of my Success, too. My mom's eyes--and my own--lit up like lightbulbs. Halfway through their shift we made our way to the front of the stage. We ended up about ten or so feet aay from the stage before my mom wimped out and wouldn't get any closer. Luckily I got her to get front row (okay, second row) spots for the next band.

The Greg Kihn Band. Featuring Rye Kihn on guitar. Eeeeeee!

After they played, our ears were dead. So were our voices. Mine was croaky. I've never lost my voice before. I didn't lose it, thankfully, after the concert though.

Greg Kihn didn't seem very pleased though... I don't think Rye was either. After singing Knocking on Heaven's Door, which they didn't intend on singing, Greg was crying. At least, I think he was crying. I'm not sure. My mom shot many reason's my way because I asked why he wasn't happy. But I'm still not sure which was right and which were wrong...

When we finally got home, I was out like a light. Literally. Almost as soon as our bedroom light was out, I was asleep. Just like that. I slept peacefully, too. From 12am to 7:30am. Straight like that, yes.