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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
It's Too Hot...
...I know, I know. I still owe a review of the Kihncert with A's comments as well, but it's just too hot to sit and write. Or think. Or do much of anything.

And today is supposed to be hotter. We're expecting 105-115 degree (F) temps inland. says my area will hit 98 as the high. I can't find anywhere where the 115 is in place that I can drive inland towards in a 3 hour radius that is a known hot spot.

So I figure is wrong, just like they were *last* time the sidewalks attempted to melt, and we're in for a serious scorcher. That said, it's 8:30am and time for me to drag my rear to the gym, run a mile, work the rest of the tired body, and drink lots of water.

I'll come back with the Kihncert review eventually. I promise. I just have to stay cool.