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Friday, June 22, 2007
Oh, The Insanity...
...Time for a little more commentary from me about the insanity that goes on in the world. Some of it is from Hollywierd, some of it not.

First, Paris Hilton is scheduled to be released next week. She's been behaving and has realized from her time inside that she's so grateful for everything, even a pillow and food. And that she's going to use her name for good.

The best part? She's "feeling stronger everyday". Ok, a Chicago song title has figured into this. This scares me. But I really do hope that she stops being stupid and does something good....

...and that it's not just a media ploy to rehab her image. But I doubt it - NBC is reportedly going to pay her (not a charity, but *her*) $1 million for her first interview out of jail.

A 16 year old track athlete has married her 40 year old coach. The parents knew something was going south when they found text messages from their daughter to the coach in the wee small hours of the morning showing up on the phone bill. She's been around this man since she joined the team when she was 14.

They talked to school counselors, pastors (his and their own), and even tried to get a restraining order. The school talked with the coach who was nothing but cooperative. The girl then decided to refuse to speak to her parents until they signed consent for the girl to marry the over-twice-her-age man.

The parents decision to sign? "Signing those consent forms was the hardest thing I did in my whole life, but we had to move on, it was going to kill us all" was the quote from the father in the article that I read.

Excuse me? You sign the consent forms for your SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO MARRY SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE because it's going to "kill us all"? Hello? My daughters would have to deal with not speaking to me and still living under the roof until they're of legal age. Or we'd move. Or something else.

Yes, I might think differently if it were a 17 year old boy that they gave consent (but that wouldn't have made the news, likely) instead of someone in authority at her school. Her own *coach*.

Her parents gave up, plain and simple. Wrong decision in my mind. They should have made her wait until she was 18. Kill her with kindness. Move and not tell her where they're going until they get there and if the guy followed then they could claim stalking. Giving in and signing the consent was the wrong thing to do...

... because I think they just consented to potential child abuse. Just my opinion.

Note to DH: This ever happens with one of our girls, they'll never find the guy's body.

Isaiah Washington... Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah. Why?

For those who don't know who he is, he was the brilliant Dr. Burke on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" until they fired him last week. In the last few days he's been opening his mouth and really would be better off if he didn't do that.

First he compared himself to Malcolm X and Paul Robeson - that the persecution that they suffered is exactly like the media persecution that he himself is suffering from. Um, no. That's like Paris Hilton comparing herself to Princess Diana (they're both "iconic blondes" - Paris' words) - it's an insult to Malcom and Robeson's memories. And when Washington does something that's worthy of historical comparison, then the general public will do that for him. That's not something you take upon yourself.

Then, yesterday, Washington decided to not quit while he was ahead and talked to the press again. This time he said it's not fair, T.R. Knight should have been fired. Excuse me? The gay actor that *you* referred to with a derogatory slur is the one that should have been fired? And why is that?

Because, Washington claims, Knight stirred up the idea that the slur was used against him and basically had the nerve to be offended which created a negative work environment. Hello? That would be like if someone called me a bitch and got fired for it because I complained about it. Who created the negative work environment? I don't know about you folks, but I say the person making the slurs starts the ball rolling on that one.

Washington needs to quit while he's... ok, he's not ahead. He's way, *WAY* behind.

That's it from me today. Have a great weekend!