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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
...and we're back.

After some HTML and Java issues, and testing out many different skins for this blog, and running some queries past a bulletin board community and some against closer friends, we have the changes to this blog in place.

MayStar Designs is credited with the animated bubble gif at the top there... there's a link to her on the side bar. There was an entire skin called Soft Blue Bubbles, but I just didn't feel like taking the blog that far. There was another called "My Life in a Box" but black with sparkly stars java-ing out every time someone clicked on the page wasn't really conducive to a good reading atmosphere.

So I stuck with the well lighted place for stuff and just added a small flair. I liken the bubbles to thoughts popping out into the atmosphere. Corny, yes, I know. But that was my first thought after I successfully floating that gif right there.

DH (who forgot he had my blog bookmarked) and I tried to visit the site last night and he couldn't - something apparently had gone south with it. Don't know what, but it seems to be running just fine now. Anyway, I had asked DH what his opinions were on adding this little gif, and the answer was to make the title section into a table. Somehow that didn't seem right, so I grabbed one of two HTML books we have lying around these days and went to work searching. A few minutes later he came by with the other book and traded me.

He was right. The second book had much better full line code examples, better layout, more pics, *and* the answer I was looking for. For that, I publicly thank him. Intially he thought the align wouldn't work, but I explained it using the more common java term of 'floating an image'. But I doubt he's reading this. Eh, I'll show him when I get home that the float worked.

Anyway... onward to meet a new day. I'll appear with another blog entry later (perhaps) as the fog from my mind clears and the numbers seem a little more under control. As Jaime Lee Curtis' character in Freaky Friday said - "Greet the day!" and the less popular not-cool, "Make Good Choices!" So, folks, greet the day when it arrives (if it hasn't already - it's still dark here), and make good choices...

...especially the choices you make for lunch.