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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
The Criminals Just Keep Getting Dumber...
...ok, just *one* criminal. O.J. Simpson.

Why, oh why does O.J. keep torturing us by doing increasingly stupid things? We thought that we were rid of him to the golf courses where he was "searching for the real killer" for years until that stupid book came up.

And now he's cooling his heels in jail (where he belongs, in my opinion) without bail (I also agree with that) because he was stupid enough to try stealing some memorabilia from a sports collector who was going to sell it. The claim is that he was just trying to get his own stuff back, but honestly did he have to get other people involved who use guns to do it?

One of the collectors who was in the room is now on O.J.'s side because he said the former football star was not armed, but it doesn't really matter. The idiot was with guys who had guns, he was doing something wrong and his voice was caught on tape. He's screwed, unless it's proven that the tape was illegal (because why did the memorabilia dealer have an active recording going in the first place). It wouldn't matter if this is a first time offense for robbery - no court in the world is going to want this one go, and I suspect that no judge is going to tread lightly with this one.

O.J.'s going to be doing some time. Maybe even 3 decades worth. That would be nice to see because at least he'd be in jail for something.

The man managed to get just one "get out of jail free" card over a decade ago when he was acquitted in criminal court and has deemed the civil award not worth his attention. I think that's more than most of us would get if we pulled the same thing. No "get out of jail free" card for the normal guy, right? But he pulls that Bronco chase and lame excuses and his so-called fight for justice and he walks away from it all. You'd think that anyone who got that lucky would manage to keep their nose out of the press and as clean as clean can be for the rest of their natural lives.

But not O.J. I swear that guy must have gotten knocked on the head one too many times when he was playing football because this was just plain stupid. Maybe he finally figured out that the search for the real killer ended when he looked in the mirror and decided to do something stupid like this to land in jail. Doubtful, but we could always hope.

I guess there is an upside to all of this. No matter what happens with the outcome of this particular situation, O.J. isn't going to get any of his stuff back. The Goldman family is going after it to help fulfill the judgment awarded to them for the wrongful death of their son and it's sounding like they just might get it... if only O.J. would "get it".