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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Random Rambles

...yes, more singular thoughts from my strange wondering brain, most of which you will not care about in the very least.

From the "Dear God, are you really *THAT* stupid" files:

Someone I know read this article entitled "Bin Laden's Mother Worried Sick" on The Onion's website and commented in their blog that they thought what Bin Laden's mother had to say was just sick.

Is she really that stupid that she doesn't know The Onion is all parody? I'm really afraid of the answer to that.

Congratulations again to Britney Spears for filing for divorce from K-Fed... now affectionately known in the press as Fed-Ex.

We know you're really happy, but could you please put your underwear back on?

What the heck is up with people who have the need to put extra consonants at the end of words? Regularly I get an email back from someone that says "Thanksss". Just like that. There is no problem with their keyboard because this doesn't happen with other words or instances of the letter 's'.

I think they just harbor a secret wish to be a snake.

Dear Hollywood,

You've remade and recycled enough movie ideas. Please please PLEASE don't remake "Play Misty For Me". Please.

Especially not with Ben Affleck in Clint Eastwood's role.

Thank you.
~concerned movie watcher~

Remember that Rod Stewart song "D'ya Think I'm Sexy"? There's a line in there - "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy..."

And the two are mutually exclusive? If she wanted his body, I would assume that she thinks he's sexy....

...then again, she could just be desperate.

Yup, it's decided. I do like my new mattress.